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Following the Reindeer Woman
Path of Peace and Harmony

by Linda Schierse Leonard

ISBN: 978-1-882670-95-6
229 pp.

Jungian analyst Linda Schierse Leonard offers an exciting new way to understand the feminine instinctual and spiritual energies that affect us in our search for peace, wholeness, and healing, and in the expression of our creativity. Inspired by a dream of a woman who runs with a herd of reindeer, Dr. Leonard devoted years to the exploration of the reindeer in nature and as an archetype of feminine energy, a living symbol that can inspire both men and women in their spiritual development and an image of hope, peace, and harmony in the ecological dark times in which we now live.

Dr. Leonard takes readers along on her journeys to Siberia, Lapland, and Alaska, where reindeer and caribou are messengers between heaven and earth, bridges between spirit and nature. Drawing upon myths, dreams, stories, and films, she explores the reindeer's power, beauty, resilience, and vulnerability. This archetype leads us to our own inner force that is feminine, free-spirited, and strong, yet imbued with a gentle, peaceful, and compassionate heart. Chronicling travels across the top of the world and deep into the regions of the soul, The Reindeer Woman takes us along on a luminous pilgrimage, giving us a map of the sacred and nourishing us with unforgettable ideas and inspiration.

About the author: Linda Schierse Leonard, Ph.D., is a philosopher who trained as a Jungian analyst at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich and has been in private practice for more than thirty years. She is the author of Following the Reindeer Woman: Path of Peace and Harmony (Spring Journal Books, 2005), The Wounded Woman, On the Way to the Wedding, Witness to the Fire, Meeting the Madwoman, and The Call to Create. Her books have been translated into twelve languages. She provides private consultations and gives lectures and workshops internationally.