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Teachers of Myth
Interviews on Educational and Psychological Uses of Myth With Adolescents

by Maren Hansen

ISBN: 978-1-882670-89-5
73 pp.

Maren Hansen conducts interviews with three master teachers of myth and explores:

  • Why do you teach myth to adolescents?
  • How is the study of myth related to human psychological development?
  • What teaching methods do you use to help your students connect to the psychological dimension in myth?
  • Which myths most effectively address the developmental stage of adolescence?

"If there were one thing that I would apply to the culture, it's the mythic perspective... It's the antidote to literalism. It's the extension and deepening of psychological work. Myth recreates the communal, and it recreates the connection to the invisible..."
Michael Meade

"Myths help people understand something about their own lives. That's the beginning of the psychological level. High school students enjoy experiencing the imagination in myths, and relate the images to their own lives."
Betty Staley

"Mythology expands a view of psychology and of the psyche, and of what it is to be a human. It lifts one out of one's current small circle. It places one in a larger context, of humanity, of the Earth, time - but even a larger context within oneself."
Kent Ferguson

About the author:
Maren Tonder Hansen, author of Mother Mysteries, is a founding member of the Joseph Campbell Library and of Pacifica Graduate Institute. For twenty-five years, Hansen has taught myth with a psychological emphasis to persons of all ages. She is a psychotherapist and ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, who lives with her husband and three children in Santa Barbara, California.