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The Sunken Quest, the Wasted Fisher, the Pregnant Fish
Postmodern Reflections on Depth Psychology

by Ronald Schenk

ISBN: 978-1-882670-48-2
166 pp.

In this series of essays, Schenk takes a postmodern approach to the psychology founded by Freud and Jung both in reaction to and in allegiance with the modern world of the turn of the last century. Phenomenology, quantum physics, chaos theory, aesthetics, deconstruction, poetry, alchemy each adds a decentering dimension to contemporary uncertainty and the discomforting legacy of depth psychology.

"Postmodern is an attitude that inclines toward interval between I and not-I, body and world, forming and being formed. Shaken by context, facts are dissolved by questions, meaning flits about, eluding categories, and words cannot escape the relativization of quotation marks... Understanding becomes unfixed, a matter of allusion, sand play, as interpretation caves in on itself." - from the Preface

About the author:
Ronald Schenk, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst practicing, teaching and writing in Dallas and Houston. He is currently President of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. He has written three books: The Soul of Beauty: A Psychological Investigation of Appearance, Dark Light: The Appearance of Death in Everyday Life, and The Sunken Quest, the Wasted Fisher, the Pregnant Fish: Postmodern Reflections on Depth Psychology.