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Reengaging the Soul of Place

by Craig Chalquist

ISBN: 978-1-882670-65-9
158 pp.

Why do some places restore us while others deplete us? Why do certain figures out of folklore and myth haunt specific locales? Do borders around a nation parallel borders around the heart? Do wastelands and depleted landscapes delineate gaps in the collective imagination? Why have so many indigenous cultures insisted on the world's aliveness? And if the world were alive, how would it let us know?

To explore such questions beyond statistics or maps, Craig Chalquist calls for a new perspective of deep encounter, terrapsychology, for listening into recurring symbolic resonances between the "inner" person and the presence, voice, or "soul" of places and things as sites of the world's animation. Terrapsychology strives to counter the ancient war on nature, one heartfelt dialog at a time.

"How do we listen well to the local land, not just to the mountains, lakes, and forests, but to the cities, highways, grocery stores, and Wal-Marts? Craig Chalquist provides us a remarkable map of the road to the unconscious of place. The stories we find there - in architecture, ecology, urban myths, uncanny historical coincidences - are a much-needed guide to the wise action that we must now take."
- Allen Kanner, co-editor of Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind

About the Author:
Craig Chalquist, M.S., Ph.D., teaches depth psychology, ecopsychology, myth, and research at Sonoma State University, JFK University, New College of California, and the Institute of Imaginal Studies. He lives and works in the Bay area.