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A True Note on a Slack String
The Poetry of Patrick Kavanagh and the Psychology of Carl Jung: An Imaginal Basis for Personal Change

by Réamonn Ó Donnchadha

ISBN: 978-1-935528-12-8
224 pp.

This book weaves together the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh and the psychology of C.G. Jung to offer an imaginal basis for individual change. It addresses key concepts which inform psychological thought, such as attachment, shadow, individuation, sexuality, masculinity, femininity, and love from the perspective of Jungian psychology and through the lens of Kavanagh's poetry, so that doors may open to readers into their own innate resilience and capability not only to survive, but to grow.

Praise for A True Note on a Slack String
"From its evocative title to its myriad ideas and symbols, this book creatively couples the work of Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh and of Swiss psychiatrist C.G Jung. It is an intense and personal exploration of how both these men can facilitate the enrichment of our lives, not only through formal therapy, but also through the contemplation of poetry. A True Note on a Slack String mirrors in some ways the deep attention the therapist must pay to their client, and indeed the conscious dedication we might all be inspired to bring to our own lives. Jung knew the value of images to move and transform us; Kavanagh brought the ordinary details of life close, at times, to the sublime. Have your copy of Kavanagh open beside you as you savor the guided therapeutic journey in this book."
"These Jungian readings offer fresh and fascinating insights into Patrick Kavanagh's poetry."
Chapter 1: Psychopoesis
Chapter 2: The Psychologist
Chapter 3: The Poet
Chapter 4: The Fusion-Distance Dilemma
Chapter 5: Unstirred Mud
Chapter 6: Place and Displace
Chapter 7: The Sparrow's Bow
Chapter 8: The Generous Impulse
Chapter 9: My Sixteen-Acre Farm
Chapter 10: A Hellish Scatter
Chapter 11: The Universal in the Particular
Chapter 12: Desire's Adulation
Chapter 13: Pouring Redemption
Chapter 14: To Experience Ourselves
Chapter 15: The Creative Illness
Chapter 16: The Inch-Wide Chasm
About the Author:
Réamonn Ó'Donnchadha, Ph.D., is a practicing psychotherapist, university professor, and author of three books about psychology and children. He lives in Connemara, in the west of Ireland, and practices and teaches in Dublin.