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Trauma and Beyond:
The Mystery of Transformation

by Ursula Wirtz

ISBN: 978-1-935528-59-3
372 pp.

Praise for Trauma and Beyond
In Trauma and Beyond, Ursula Wirtz courageously and brilliantly undertakes the most truculent question: "wither the soul after soul-murder"? She summarizes the literature in the field, the range of methodologies, and provides numerous illustrations and case studies which demonstrate a realistic, hopeful, sequential approach to trauma integrating fragmented splinters. She illustrates the narrow passage between the necessity of ego-death, abiding a most difficult in-between, and attending the birth of an enlarged, more capacious ego state. Trauma and Beyond is not only a contribution to the field, but has the makings of a classic study of the resilience of the soul in the face of even the most devastating traumata.
James Hollis, Ph.D., Jungian analyst and author, Houston, Texas
In an extraordinary synthesis of the diverse facets of the psyche activated in trauma, Ursula Wirtz truly offers the reader a way "beyond" suffering into wisdom. A lifetime of experience is woven into a revelatory tapestry of heart and soul. Reflecting an emerging paradigm in the 21st century, science and spirituality are brought into kindred relations through the authorís courageous explorations of trauma. Anyone touched by trauma will benefit deeply from an encounter with this book.
Joe Cambray, Ph.D., Past-President, International Association for Analytical Psychology
In this insightful work, Ursula Wirtz asks us to take Carl Jungís Red Book as a map or template for working with loss and trauma. If you are looking for guidance in clinical work in trauma and recovery or for guidance in your own recovery, you will find a treasure trove of riches here.
Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D., Author of The Resilient Spirit: Transforming Suffering into Insight and Renewal and Subject to Change: Jung, Gender and Subjectivity in Psychoanalysis
This profoundly moving book is a major contribution to Jungian studies in this field. Dr. Wirtz has a remarkable ability to seamlessly synthesize the spiritual, archetypal, and clinical aspects of trauma. Her wise reflections on the transformative potentials of trauma, and the meaning of the suffering it produces, are an inspiration. This book is required reading for any psychotherapist working in this field.
Lionel Corbett, M.D., Core faculty, Pacifica Graduate Institute and author of Psyche and the Sacred, The Sacred Cauldron, and The Religious Function of the Psyche
Editors' Foreword
Part I Opening
Chapter 1: Unveiling the Face of Trauma
Trauma and the Soul
The Numinosity of Trauma
Soul Murder
Loss of Soul and "Broken Courage"
Chapter 2: Trauma as a Spiritual Experience
The Spiritual Dimension
Spiritual Transformation through Trauma
The Unity of the Material and the Spiritual
The Healing Power of Spiritual Values
Chapter 3: Trauma as a Crisis of Meaning
Between Meaning and Meaninglessness
Betwixt and Between: Trauma and Liminality
The Emergence of Meaning Following Trauma
Chapter 4: The Transformative Power of Suffering
The Paradigm of Posttraumatic Growth
Wounding and Awakening
Wound or Wisdom: Paul Celan and Nelly Sachs
Beyond Embitterment
Reconciliation and Forgiveness
Integrating the Shadow
Coming into Being and Passing Away: Etty Hillesum
Chapter 6: Trauma through the Mythological Lens
Trauma as Descent
Kali's Rage: The Fire of Transformation
The Ravished Feminine: Medusa's Petrifying Gaze
Yearning for Death: The Trauma of Betrayal
Part II Opening
Chapter 7: Retrieving Soul
Echoes of the Red Book in Trauma Therapy
Dissociation and Ego-State Therapy
Trauma Narratives: Re-creating Identity
The Imaginal Realm
Working with Mandalas
Certainty Lost, Paradox Gained
Paradox and Transformation
Paradoxical Transference and Countertransference
Chapter 8: Circumambulating Complementarity
Complementary Modes of Viewing Trauma
The Relational Dimension of Complementarity
The Complementarity of Being and Doing in Trauma Therapy
Presence and Reflection
Chapter 9: The Crucible of Transformation
The Mercurial Psyche
From Chaos to New Order
Transfiguration and Healing Transitions
The Capacity for Transcendence
Chapter 10: Transcendence, Trauma, and Sacrifice
From Spiritual Emergency to Spiritual Emergence: Traumatic Roots and Self-Transcendence in the Red Book
The Trauma Membrane
The Dialectic of Victim and Victimizer
Chapter 11: Sacrifice of the Self
Transcending Trauma through Sacrifice of the False Self
Chapter 12: The Traumatic Dimensions of Sacrifice
The Sacrifice Motif in Myths and Fairy Tales
The Transcendent Function: Transformation in the Relational Field
Chapter 13: Trauma and the Body: Portal to the Source
Body and Consciousness
The Transformative Power of Chi and Yoga
About the Author:
URSULA WIRTZ, Ph.D., has a doctorate in literature and philosophy from the University of Munich and a degree as clinical and anthropological psychologist from the University of Zurich. She graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich in 1982 and is a training analyst at the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAPZURICH) and the Academic Chair of ISAPZURICH's Jungian Odyssey Committee.
About the Zurich Lecture Series in Analytical Psychology
The Zurich Lecture Series in Analytical Psychology has been established by the International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich (ISAPZURICH) and Spring Journal Books to present annually new work by a distinguished scholar who has previously offered innovative contributions to the field of Analytical Psychology by either:
  • bringing analytical psychology into meaningful dialogue with other scientific, artistic, and academic disciplines;
  • showing how analytical psychology can lead to a better understanding of contemporary global concerns relating to the environment, politics, religion; or
  • expanding the concepts of analytical psychology as they are applied clinically
Each year, the selected lecturer delivers 4 lectures over a 2-day period in Zurich based on a previously unpublished book-length work. This book is then published by Spring Journal Books. Murray Stein and Nancy Cater are the Series Editors.
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