Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture and Spring Journal Books
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Spring 72: Body & Soul

ISBN: 1-882670-29-9
351 pp.

A special issue honoring Marion Woodman

Cellular Resonance and the Sacred Feminine: Marion Woodman’s Story Tina Stromsted
The Eye That Cannot See Marion Woodman
Marion Woodman’s "Vale of Soul-Making" Ross Woodman
In Appreciation of Marion Stephen Aizenstat
What Matters Flutters Still: A Tribute to the Transformation Work of BodySoul Rhythms Nina Mahaffey
In Marion Woodman’s Camp Joel Faflak
The Last Temptation of Marion Woodman: The Anorexic Remainder in Bone: Dying into Life David L. Clark
Multi-Sensory Imagination Joan Chodorow
Hope versus Hopelessness in the Psychoanalytic Situation and Dante’s Divine Comedy Donald E. Kalsched
Listening to the Body for the Sake of the Soul Anita U. Greene
Wounded Instincts, Weeping Soul: Working with Embodied Countertransference Jacqueline Gerson
When a Body Meets a Body Robin van Löben Sels
From Seeing to Knowing Janet Adler
Growing a Mind: The Evolution of Thinking Out of Bodily Experience Wendy Wyman-McGinty
Bellezza Orsini and Creativity: Images of Body and Soul from a Sixteenth-Century Prison Antonella Adorisio
Bi-Directional Healing: The Biology of the Psyche Soma Dance in the Work of Marion Woodman Elisabeth Baerg Hall
Creativity and the Nature of the Numinosum: The Psychosocial Genomics of Jung’s Transcendent Function in Art, Science, and Psychotherapy Ernest Lawrence Rossi
BOOK REVIEW: A Dream in the World: Poetics of Soul in Two Women, Modern and Medieval by Robin Van Löben Sels Maureen Murdock
BOOK REVIEW: Sing Past Winter: A Modern Psalter by Margaret Jacoby Lopez Maggie Macary
BOOK REVIEW: The Body’s Edge: Our Cultural Obsession With Skin by Mark Lappe and Flesh in the Age of Reason: The Modern Foundations of Body and Soul by Roy Porter Dennis Patrick Slattery

For more information about Marion Woodman and her work, go to http://www.mwoodman.org/