Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture and Spring Journal Books
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Spring 73: Cinema & Psyche

ISBN: 1-882670-30-2
280 pp.

Archetypal Perspective and American Film Glen Slater
The Eye at the Heart of the World John Beebe
Why Should We Take Jungian Film Studies Seriously? Don Fredericksen
Cinema as Illusion and Reality Luke Hockley
Archetypes, Coherence, and the Cinema Michael Conforti
Cin-Imago Dei: Jungian Psychology and Images of the Soul in Contemporary Cinema Terrill L. Gibson
The Feminine Principle in Film: Reflections on Film and Its Relation to the Human Psyche Ingela Romare
What Makes Movies Work? Unconscious Processes and the Movie-Makers' Craft Christopher Hauke
A 'Close-Up' of the Kiss Marilyn Marshall
Looking For Mother: The Power of the Mother Complex in the Films of Ingmar Bergman Ingmarie McElvain
Search for the Soul: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski and The Double Life of Veronique Linda Schierse Leonard
The Phantom of the Opera: Angel of Music or Demon Lover? Susan Olson
Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train and Leconte's Man on a Train: Denying and Befriending the Shadow James Palmer
Westerns and Global Imperialism John Izod
Transformations in the Mythic Construct of the Hero: The Manchurian Candidate from 1964 to 2004 Jane Alexander Stewart
BOOK REVIEW: Jung as a Writer by Susan Rowland Ginette Paris
BOOK REVIEW: The Cultural Complex: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives on Psyche and Society by Thomas Singer and Samuel L. Kimbles (eds.) David Tacey
BOOK REVIEW: Nietzsche and Jung: The Whole Self in the Union of Opposites by Lucy Huskinson Paul Bishop
BOOK REVIEW: The Healing Spirit of Haiku by David Rosen and Joel Weishaus Susan Rowland
BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Inquiry: A Depth Psychological Approach by Joseph Coppin and Elisabeth Nelson, and Dark Nights of the Soul: A Guide to Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals by Thomas Moore Dennis Patrick Slattery