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Spring Journal Submission Guidelines


Spring Journal Articles

Each issue of Spring Journal is organized around a theme. Past themes have included, for example, MUSES, ORPHEUS, and BODY AND SOUL.

Spring Journal welcomes submissions of essays or commentaries relating to all aspects of analytical and archetypal psychology and its relation to aspects of world culture. Contributions may be theoretical, critical, historical, or personal. All articles must be related to the theme of the issue.

Spring Journal Book and Film Reviews

Spring welcomes the submission of film reviews. Spring usually commissions book reviews.

Spring Journal Fiction and Poetry

Spring Journal rarely publishes fiction or poetry and then only if it is interwoven with the text of the journal article.


Submissions will be reviewed by the Spring Journal editors and then sent to members of Spring Journal's Editorial Advisory Committee for their comment and critique after which a final determination will be made as to which submissions will be published in the Journal.


See the Upcoming Themes page for information on upcoming issues and their submission deadlines.


Please use the following guidelines when writing and submitting your article:

1. Articles should be between 3500 to 7000 words in length.

2. Spring follows the Chicago Manual of Style generally. Please review the Spring Style Sheet for particulars. Use your word processing program's endnote feature to create the endnotes.

3. Please submit your article in Microsoft Word format. If you use a different word processing program, check to see if it allows you to do a "Save As" to the Word 97-2003 format. If your word processing program does not offer this option, then please "Save As" (and submit) your document as an RTF (Rich Text Format) file. Do NOT submit your article as a PDF file.

4. Please also include a short biographical note following our Biography Guidelines.


Please submit your journal article electronically in a Microsoft Word File to .