Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture and Spring Journal Books
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Spring 70: Muses

ISBN: 1-882670-00-0
242 pp.

The Muse and Aging Linda Shierse Leonard
Francine Prose's The Lives of the Muses
Laura Shamas
Lou Andreas-Salomé
Seeking the Muse in the Pool of Narcissus
Jane Feldman
Emily Dickinson and the Daimon Lover Marion Woodman
Marilyn My Muse Mike Denney
Muses of Los Angeles Gia Lauren Gittleson
Magpies, the Robber Muses Lynda Sexton
Mnemosyne's Well of Remembrance Patricia Reis
Channel a Muse
Notes Toward the Construction of a Mother-Daughter Biography
Nor Hall
Tending the Muse of Poetry
Polyhymnia, Myth, and Dream
Dennis Patrick Slattery
Imbas, Inspiration, and Liminal Realms
Meeting the Muse in Irish Poetry
Colette Kavanagh
The Sacred Story and the Divine Hush
Adventures in Polyhymnia's Wonderland
Barbara Hort
Urania: Transcendent Muse Darcy Woodall
We Are All Stars
Psychology and Astronomy
Rise Kaufmann
Attunement to Syrinx
Melody as Muse
Rae Ann Kumelos
Dionysos and the Muses
A Deep Love Libido Myth
James Harrod
Book Review: Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology: The Dream of a Science by Sonu Shamdasani Greg Mogenson
Book Review: Jung: A Biography by Deirdre Bair Ginette Paris
Book Review: Jung: A Feminist Revision by Susan Rowland Anais N Spitzer