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Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the oldest Jungian psychology journal in the world. Published twice a year, each Spring Journal is organized around a theme and offers articles as well as film and book reviews in the areas of archetypal psychology, mythology, and Jungian psychology.

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Spring Journal Books is the book publishing imprint of Spring Journal and publishes books about Jungian psychology, mythology, the humanities, and interrelated disciplines. Wolfgang Giegerich, Thomas Singer, David L. Miller, Greg Mogenson, Robert Romanyshyn, Linda Leonard, Stanton Marlan, John Hill, Paul Bishop, Sanford Drob, Christine Downing, Luigi Zoja, Patricia Reis, Virginia Beane Rutter, Vine Deloria, Maureen Murdock, Paul Kugler, Lyn Cowan, Lionel Corbett, Robert Romanyshyn, Dennis Slattery, Ronald Schenk, and Michael Conforti are some of our authors and editors.

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Spring Journal volume 90

Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Vol. 90

Jung and India

Carl Jung's interest in India, and specifically in Hinduism and Buddhism, will be obvious to anyone who has even superficially read his work. Nevertheless, its significance is often ignored or minimized. This issue of Spring aims to show just how extensive and fraught Jung's ties to India were and to present attempts from a number of directions to plumb the meaning of the relationship and, in the spirit of active imagination, to "dream it onward" into the present and future. In this issue we will focus mostly on Jung's connections with Hindu thought.

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Echoes of Silence

Echoes of Silence:

Listening to Soul, Self, Other

Jungian Odyssey Series, Vol. VI

By Ursula Wirtz, Stacy Wirth, Deborah Egger, and Katy Remark - Series Editors

This volume ensues from the 8th Jungian Odyssey retreat, now inspired by Kartause Ittingen, a former monastery founded in 1150, and lying some thirty miles from C.G. Jung's birthplace, Kesswil. As training analysts and scholarly guests of the International School of Analytical Psychology, the authors address students, clinicians, and all others with interest in Jung.

Knots and Their Untying

Knots and Their Untying

Essays on Psychological Dilemmas

By Ann Belford Ulanov

Using the image of knots that are hard, and sometimes impossible, to untie, Ann Ulanov circles around the psychic dilemmas that entangle us, sometimes for decades. These can be heartrending to us and destructive to others, even to those we love. Yet these knots, so peculiarly our own, also open onto human problems we share with others, even across the ages. Hence working on our knots takes us far down to taproots of energy and far up and out to bring that vital aliveness into shared existence with others. Knots thus comprise a ladder, offering footholds and handholds, for descending and ascending between what Jung calls Below and Above, human and divine.

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